Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sweet goodbye

I am back home! You probably didn´t even know I was gone and where to. I flew over to Holland for some photo sessions. Last friday I packed my bags on my way to Ede, where I photographed some lovely families. What an exciting experience it was and I will never forget it.. I will show more in these upcoming weeks/days.
 Monday morning I went back and I had just a few minutes left to shoot these three cousins in the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen for kids.. Sewed by their own grandma!


Anonymous said...

You rock, girl!!
Zo ontzettend mooi. De oh's en ah's vliegen me om de oren...:)
love you, Karin

Anonymous said...

These are so perfect! It is a wonder how you manage to make these little rascals look so sweet! Looking at these photos one would not guess that they were grabbing flowers, complaining about the itchy grass, and running in all directions. You manage to bring out the most serene and treasured moments of my life with my children and for that I will be forever grateful. Thank you Anne. You are always welcome in California!

Anonymous said...

this is so adorable..my talented little sister! Loved every picture and the whole feeling of the shoot! Love Miranda

Johanna Stålros said...

Lovely pictures!!! Hug, Johanna

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Pictures!


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