Friday, July 1, 2011

Liljengren Sisters

I haven´t had the chance to show you these pictures yet! This is a shoot that I made in late august last year. So even though they are not ¨new¨ they are still new in a way. I got the privilege to photograph these three wonderful sisters as a surprise for their mother. Although they looked so different from each other at first sight (black,brown and blond!), still they were the same type of girls. Oh so sweeeet, a bit shy, and my goodness stunning eyes.. I can certainly say that this was an great shoot in my opinion. First of all ,it´s not a punishment to photograph 3 beautiful young women, and secondly what an amazing light at a amazing location! Thank you girls, for being so open and being yourself!

Girls, you make the beautiful location fade to the background..!
Anna you are gorgeous! I´m so lucky to have you as my friend!
Josefina, I get such an indian, summer feeling when I see you! 

And down below, my favorite of that day!

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