Friday, April 22, 2011

Little Lambs and Flowers

My sisters friend told us that they had newborn lambs and that we were more than welcome to take a look. So yesterday the whole family gang went on their way to see spring itself in a close-up. When we arrived there little lambs were running around the field. Teasing each other and their poor mothers. Just like real kids, they were trying to explore the world. One time they were jumping around careless and free, but after a while they panicked if they found out they were far away from their mother. ¨Bleeehhh!!¨ they would bleat. And mother sheep would look around bleating ¨Bleeehhh!¨as if to say: Here I am little one, have you skipped away again???....
Father sheep wasn´t as cute as the rest(no offense), and bleated ten times harder then his wife's(yes you hear me right wife's) and little ones. The kids were in a big shock and Manasse said: ¨I don´t like papa sheep!¨.. I agree my son, I agree.

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