Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wedding: Samuel & Irina

Samuel and Irina, there´s no other way to describe them as: caring, joyful, helpful, beautiful young people! I happen to know them from our local church and for the past months they have always been the first to help out with different projects. Whether it was with the kids, teens.. you name it. They were there.
 They are people with a sense of humor.. a character trait that I can really appreciate. Asking them to walk to the other side of the beach to take some shots, is NOT an easy question when you have your wedding shoes on! After doubting for a quick second, Irina threw her shoes of and decided: ¨What the heck¨! You need to see the fun in things when you do that! As she started running, her faithful friend and husband followed her steps, trying to hold her dress for her... 
Following them around their whole wedding day, freezing moments with my camera, I can truly say that the wedding was a reflection of who they are in my eyes. A lovely day with a lot of love and laughter.

Mr and Mrs. Olsson, you are only at the beginning of a whole life together.. and I wish you so much love and happiness in the years ahead! :)


Jes/Vita villa vila said...

Vilka heeeelt underbara bilder med så mycket känsla och magi i! Stunning! ♥

Kram Jes

Cori Henderson said...

Those are gorgeous!!! I'm in love with that first one!


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