Sunday, November 20, 2011

Home is where the heart is

Welcome. That´s a word I´ve heard (and seen) a lot of times in my life. If there is one thing our mother taught us it is this. Invite people, make an effort, make people feel special when they enter your home. Light candles, put on music on the background.. Little things, details that make a house a home. Not only my mother rocks in decorating, also both of my sisters take home decoration to another level. Their houses feel like my second and third home! My camera eye just couldn´t resist, on a sunday afternoon, to take advantage of this gift in decorating.. 

I am dying to make my own house a home.. in less than a year!


Anonymous said...

Mooi gedaan zusjes!!

Anonymous said...

Du är så duktig:)
Roligt att få titta på dina underbara bilder!
Kram Bonnie

Jes/Vita villa vila said...

Helt underbara bilder vännen! Som alltid!

Kram Jes

Cori Henderson said...

Your home is beautiful! I love all the details.

Charla Anne said...

What a gorgeous home! The photos are beautiful as well.


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