Saturday, September 3, 2011

Peter, Prisca and Lukas

I can ´t believe I have been waiting so long to put this post on the blog.. There is no reason for that, only time limits! 
I actually think that this is the shortest family session I´ve ever had. Peter, Prisca and Lukas were just to easy to photograph, to perfect haha! I already was totally in love with Lukas nephew, Levi, but this little one took a bit of my heart too! While Levi´s eyes were so blueee, these eyes were so broooown! And the fun thing with these shoot, was the different type of location for a change. The city! Yay I totally loved it, and if there are some people in the future who would like that, I have no objection! I scored some extra points with the church at the background of a few photo´s, because Peter happens to be a big nostalgic church lover.

Down here, is my absolute FAVORITE! Adorable Lukas and the absolute cutest dog.. Chico!

Lovely little family moments! Sigh.. I love my job
How brown can brown eyes be?

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