Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Engament Fika

A quick little fun post with pictures of the engagement party I had a few weeks ago. Since we´ve moved to Sweden it is even more fun to have something to celebrate. Okay listen up, I love my home country, but in Holland when you pay a visit to some one, it is an unwritten rule to take one cookie when there are cookies on the table. Here in Sweden..oh bake and eat as much as you want.. and then they call it Fika. I happen to have sisters and a sister in law who are baking and decorating queens! Once again I couldn´t just leave my camera dusty in my room, could I? Look at this delicious looking food! 
Do you see the yummie looking chocolate cake down in the right corner on the picture above? I think me and my fiancé deserve some credit too with that one. I won´t mention that my dearest fiancee took a bite and that´s why it is creatively cut in pieces.  :)


Lilla Kullan said...

Lovely, lovely! So beautiful photos.:-) Hugs Stina

leilani magraff said...

looks so yummy!

Charla Anne said...

Everything looks delicious and the photos are beautiful!

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