Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thank you: Sjaak & Riet

Thank you! For a great new experience in my life. For taking me in your home the whole weekend. I know we made a deal.. and that I was the photographer.. But you made me feel at home with your generosity and kindness! I loved to step into your family for a few days and observe the happiness of being reunited. You impressed me with the amount of love and effort you put into your family, how you created an environment for valuable family moments. Sjaak and Riet, you are wonderful people and it was a privilege to photograph your family.
Down below you see them with only half of their grandchildren! Soon to follow, more family pictures..


Johanna Stålros said...

Så fina foton du tar. Kram Johanna

Mooiman said...

Hi Anne,

It was a privilege for us to have you in our midst.Thank you for the beautiful pictures.
Sjaak en Riet

Mary Marantz said...

LOVE those two!!


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