Sunday, November 15, 2009

Stunning Pure

As pure as her face,
as pure as her eyes,
as pure as her heart,
as pure as her soul,
as pure as her love,
so is her name!

Karin Tabitha
Pure Gazelle

Happy Birthday sis!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!! Happy Birthday too Karin!!


Rob van't Wout said...

We are so proud, so thankfull and so full of expectation!
With a big hug to the sisters...
The Parents

MirjamdeJong said...

YES. finally. i've been checking everyday for you to post something new :-)
Wish Karin a happy birthday!!

Awesome portraits. De 5e rij, rechter foto is super mooi! my favorite.

MirjamdeJong said...

jammer btw dat je ze niet kunt vergroten.


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