Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Last Autumn Days

Ohh how I missed the sun when the sky has been cloudy for over a week! When the sun decides to show himself again the autumn colors come back alive for just a brief moment. I went outside with my little man. When I opened the door his face lightened up. I ran after him to catch a good photo while he is exploring everything. I´m so happy that I´m forced to be active because I have a little responsibility running around who makes me feel so alive. Since Manasse is born everything is more intense, more real!

¨Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.¨


MirjamdeJong said...

yaay yaay. ik kan de fotos weer vergroten. offf...sommige en sommige niet! weird!
love it ! awesome work. he brings joy, for sure!

Anonymous said...

And more beautiful!! He is such a delight to watch!!! And listen to!!! HiHi!!! Love the pics again, as always. Love your sis Miran

Anonymous said...

hihi die dat hij op de weg loopt met de bal, vind ik echt zooo cool!:) vooral met dat mutsje enzoo. de rest is ook erg mooi as usual. Manasse kijkt zo leuk!



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