Sunday, July 26, 2009

Counting my Blessings..

What a rush of happenings, feelings, emotions the couple of weeks has been. Keeping my balance, holding my peace and still finding the amazing joy of the simpleness of company. The company of family standing strong in this time of uncertainty. Last week my grandmother "Omi" arrived from Holland for an (what should have been) wonderful relaxing summervacantion. Tuesday morning she walked out the door to help my sister(who lives across) with her laundry. "Omi" walked pass me and I remember thinking : "Is she going all by herself?". Before I knew it I saw my grandmother outside sitting on a bench looking a bit confused. It all went so fast and half an hour later a ambulance arrived. My loving grandmother had a stroke.. A serious life threatening stroke. Everyday since then we are praying day in day out for God to keep her with us, because we just can't miss her Yet!! We sing with her all the old hymns and when you listen you can hear her prenounce every word very clearly.

What I noticed is that a day can just be like every other day.. just passing by. Being ,without you even knowing it, a very blessed day. Sometimes we tend to forget how lucky we are with just having every familymember well and alive with us. I am so thankful for every second enjoying each others company in the good times AND in the bad..


Anonymous said...

Thank you Anne, for expressing our thoughts so deep and true!

Anonymous said...

tis echt mooi!!!

Nehptali Eisden

Anonymous said...

Dear sis, I'm sooooo proud of you!
xx Ka

Anonymous said...

Wauw, het is prachtig!!!

Jouen Albertus

MirjamdeJong said...

the photo has great details. thanks for sharing your heart

Jes/Vita villa vila said...

Hej och stort tack för din kommentar hos mig! Vilken härlig bild... här också :) Blåbär är mums!

Fin blogg du har!


Patricia said...

Oh meid,,
ik wist niet dat omi een beroerte had gehad!
Let goed op haar en jezelf!(K)


Alicia said...

mooi metaforisch beeld gemaakt hiervoor,




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