Friday, July 5, 2013

Couple session: Patricia & Daniel

This is not just an ordinary photoshoot. This photoshoot was taken of my very dear friend Patricia and her boyfriend Daniel.
Besides having been an amazing sweet, fun friend with a heart of gold since we were 13/14, she has one of the cutest pretty face I know! Having gone through our high school ups and downs together, our friendship even survived my moving to Sweden. Though we don´t see each other that often at all, it always feels real good when we do! We just pick up were we left of.
I won´t forget Daniel, the handsome boyfriend. They are a real good match, since he is as funny and outgoing as her. Together they laugh a lot. You better treat her right, I always tell him.. as Patricia will tend to give the ones she love her whole heart.
Love you Patries, you are truly special!

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