Monday, September 20, 2010

Country Living

I love sunday afternoons. They make me feel warm and excited on the very inside. I think I cherish them so much ,because after a week with all it´s ups and downs, and before a week with unknown surprises I always find myself back in a place surrounded with loved ones. Especially a sunday afternoon makes you want to hang on to the moments a little longer, before you rush yourself into the daily rhythm of life's obligations.

My dad is usually the one bringing up the most simple but unlikely things to do. I learned from him to always explore every place and just go after every sign you see. So yesterday, there was a sign beside the way: Tractors, now and then. And of course immediately the car made a swing to the left. And this time once again, the surprisingly beautifully surrounding did yet funny, not surprise me. Because from experience, every time my dad takes a pioneers step, it makes my world bigger than it is.

My son is very much into every thing that has wheels! We ended up in a little farm village, with a big field with tons of tractors. I am so fortunate to have learned to enjoy the simplest things in life. Standing in the dirt with my green boots on, photographing...

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