Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Young & Beautiful: Rosaly-Joy

My little cousin Rosaly is growing up fast now. Stuck between different chapters of life it won´t take long untill she will be a young lady! I remember my parents gave me this poem and hang it with my picture above my bed when I was 14..It reminded day after day of the process I was in. I added at the bottom of this post... first enjoy the pictures I took of this pretty girl!

Someday, I’ll Fly 
I’ve not been myself lately or for sometime for that matter. 
I’m not sure who “myself” is anymore. 
I feel like a caterpillar inside the cocoon. 
I’m neither a butterfly nor a caterpillar anymore. 
I’m not what I used to be nor am I what I’m going to be. 
I cannot go back to what I was, 
or what was familiar to me. 
I can’t rush forward and be what I have not yet become. 
It’s a miserable place to be. 
It’s much like a baby in the womb; 
you have to wait it out and stay where you are. 
I hope every day will bring the end; 
I know God is almost done working. 
I rejoice because the end is near, 
but still the pain increases. 
It’s become too easy to not be anything, just a cocoon. 
I want to give up, but You won’t let me. 
I’m not the caterpillar I used to be 
and I’m not the butterfly I know I am becoming. 
Becoming a butterfly is scary, painful and exhausting. 
I guess I don’t want to remain a nothing, 
so I’ll endure the torturous path out of this cocoon. 
And I know, someday, I’ll fly! 

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