Friday, October 5, 2012

Romeo & Julia; balletschool for kids, promotion pictures

I finally took the time to make a collection of my favourite pictures from the photoshoot we made past spring for Romeo & Julia balletschool for kids.

Going through these pictures makes me just realise how proud I am of my big sister, Miranda. One year ago she started her ballet school for kids here in Habo. I have always had so much faith in it but.. who could've ever thought it would become this popular! This autumn she started her second year with over 100 kids! Every week hundreds of kids learn how to listen, feel and move on classical music. It is not only that she does it all by herself, that makes me so proud. It is the fact that she does it with her whole heart, giving love and attention to every single one that comes in her classroom. Miranda, you did it.. one of your biggest dreams came true! 

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