Saturday, April 7, 2012

I wanna wish you a merry easter!

March spoiled us this year. With almost no snow at all and seeing the bright sun day after day smiling at me, I could really feel that spring would be true it´s word this year! Yesterday evening though, snow surprised us by making an unexpected return. Hopefully not for too long. I am not one of those haters who complain about snow, but I would appreciate if nature would stay true to it´s clock :) 

Today is the day before Easter and Sweden is white once again. Hiding eggs today would be a joke, as snow would reveal the colors of painted eggs with just a glance.. It made me wonder, what would Easter look like without the sight of spring, without the look of nature enfolding before your eyes?

The close ones to Jesus probably felt even more depressed when they saw their friend, son, master hanging on that cross. It look liked death had won.. like it would be forever winter. They had no idea what was just around the corner, the new thing that would spring forth. 

Maybe a Easter without snow makes me go back to the original story behind it. Maybe it makes me realize how miserable things would be if there wouldn´t be ANY sign of spring around the corner. 
MAYBE this all makes you wonder: What in the world is this woman talking about. 
If you are reading this it already shows that you actually do kind of want to know
If you relate in any way to the longing of spring in your life..
Let me challenge you to find out about the real meaning of Easter..!

Happy Easter!

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