Saturday, January 28, 2012

Reflections of a mother

If I could say one word to describe January it would be turbulent! Very silent month concerning photography. Very busy month concerning personal life! We have had a lot of sickness going on this month. My son and I have been recovering from a streptococcus infection which we got during new years. Besides that we´ve been planning our wedding that´s coming up this summer, doing a bid on a house, working as a translator and a bunch of other stuff! 
And in the very end I am also just a little woman.. who happens to be a mom... of a vibrant little boy.. who just started kindergarden.

If no one has ever told you.. than I am truly sorry if I scare you by telling you this. Kids play. Kids run. Kids don´t think to much. Kids bump in to things. Kids fall.. and hurt themselves. 
We were doing great on this area! I have to say.. without being to pride.. my kid has a great balance and is very sportive(he has inherit that from his dad!). It caught myself thinking out loud a lot of the time ¨He almost turns 4 and still has al his teeth.. perfectly white!¨ Two weeks ago I remember telling some one¨My life is one big blessing at the moment. I mean planning a wedding, buying a house, perfectly healthy kid, good work etc.¨

Besides being sick for a few weeks, I really had nothing to complain about! 
Until, he bumped into a table...
Just a table..! Standing at very wrong place, at a very wrong time while he was showing how fast he could run.
After a week his front teeth turned grey. I can determine that his teeth has died, if I should believe was is said on the internet. 

Now.. this whole story is not so much about the teeth. I want to share the first thought that went through my mind when I found out his teeth turned grey. 
His perfectly white teeth won´t be perfectly white when we walk down the aisle this summer.
Wow. Stop! What crazy thought. I pondered on this thought the following days and felt so incredibly ashamed. What a selfish reason to feel sorry for him. 
Thoughts flew through my mind about what other people would think... That they would think I am a bad mom who doesn´t look after her sons teeth hygiene...

Why am I telling this. To tell you that there are worse things than imperfect appearance. Besides his teeth turning grey, he is not in any pain what so ever. So why should I care that his teeth turned grey?? Life isn´t perfect based on how a magazine says your family should look. How your house should look. How your wedding should look. 
Perfect is when you are filled with love which makes you blind for outward appearance and immune to false shame. 

A mother on the internet wanted to whiten her 5 year old sons teeth at a dentist. Somebody response on this was: what kind of a world are we living in when kids can´t be the way they are. It won´t last long until we forbid them to have scratches on their face which they got from having fun while playing football...

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Anonymous said...

(Makes me feel a lot less quilty about that table being in my house.... : )
kisses Karin


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