Sunday, August 7, 2011

All American Family (with a Dutch flare)

The day after I arrived in Holland, I got to start off the photo sessions series with this American (with a Dutch flare) family. Feike, born and raised in Holland married to Laura, born and raised in America. Building up their lives in the USA, they were back in Holland for a family vacation. Two cultures coming together, with something beautiful coming out of it, their girls Audrey and Annelise. Wow, have I ever seen girls so full of life as they were? We made a compromise by taking them to a farm were they would feel more at ease. And boy did they. With the cutest cartoon voices they would inform their parents about what they saw, while running around from place to place. Two big brown puppy eyes would be staring at me as we constantly had to remind them that we were here for a photo session...
Looking at these pictures makes me almost forget that they were having a real jet lag that day. That´s why I think this family deserve a little extra credit for looking so unbelievably gorgeous!
Laura,seriously.. how can you look this gooood the day after your arrival in Holland?!
Down below, are my absolute favorite pictures of that day! Annelise being herself as adorable as she is..

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