Sunday, July 31, 2011

Reunion with the Tijssen Family

A ¨sweet¨ reunion it was indeed.. Last summer I photographed this lovely family when they visited Sweden and now I got to do it all over again but then in their own environment. I can´t explain how happy it makes a photographer to see people coming back to you. A satisfied family makes me more content than anything I earn with what I do!
Anyway, the twins had gotten so big! Thomas and Nathan have grown to little boys that walk around.. uh let me rephrase that..walk away! They wanted to look everywhere around them and there was no time in their busy exploring schedule for a photo session. I tried to hold my laugh as mom and dad we´re trying to get their sons with often resentment to the wanted location. There was something way more fun over there or there or..
What I love about these pictures is that Thomas and Nathan are not fake. The moments when they were playing hide and seek, enjoying their parents love or just enjoying running as fast as they could turned out to be more alive then I could have wished for.
Edo and Tirsa, you seem like you are doing so great as parents! On top of that you got the new promotion, the new house and now.. the new family member. Can you imagine another one as cute as Thomas and Nathan?

 Tirsa you are so beautiful! I have never seen such sparkling blue eyes..

 Is there something more precious then the love between father and son? 

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Anonymous said...

Is there a way to paint a picture that draw me into the simple beauty of life?
Yes there is, as I am watching your amazing gift of capturing Life!
Thank you for sharing your gift!


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