Saturday, April 16, 2011

It´s the eye..

To be honest, I have been a little overwhelmed with all the information that I have been swallowing for the last 4 months. My dream to be a Professional photographer didn´t seem so easy anymore during my internship at photographers Sara & Patrik (check out older post for links). What a privilege indeed it has been and it feels kind of strange that it will be over in 2 weeks! I have learned a great deal about how to run a photography business. Also I have been watching my eyes out with all the gear they posses. I was thrilled when I got to loan my dream camera for a weekend. Looked at it with stars in my eyes, like Smigel looks at the ring(LOTR) saying: ¨This is my future¨. And believe it or not have been hugging it and crying when I had to return it the next monday. :)

I know: what do you mean obsessed?
Although I have been always so uber (i´m sorry this word describes it so well..) thankful with everything I have, the last months I have been tested big time. Still this day I took the courage to grab my lovely 1000d which has been faithful to me many times and shoot with it after a long time. Boy, I feel so dumb when I look back about my fear of taking pictures with this camera again. Please God, let me never in my life develop so much knowledge that I look down on anything beneath the ideal ¨image¨ and think I can´t do it with what I have.

It´s not the gear.
It´s the eye.
It´s the heart.


Lena said...

Beautiful pictures ! He is so cute yor little son !

And i know you can do it, ofcorse your dream will come true ! You are the best photografer and your photos give me a lot of inspiration !

Essay_writer said...

so cute!

Jes/Vita villa vila said...

Bedårande bilder verkligen! Du är himlans duktig bakom kameran!

Kram Jes


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