Monday, April 4, 2011

Blown away

¨I will not build my life upon the passing sands
Of how I feel inside from one moment to the next¨

If I would have to describe the last years to you on my blog, (or even face-to-face) my blog would n´t have enough space to write it on. Just like any other person yesterday has formed us and brought us where we are today. And today will bring us where we are tomorrow. We grow up with the world overwhelming us. Feelings arise and create a reaction. That at it´s time creates a feeling again and so the circle is round. A circle can spin ahead of itself, you know..? If it does n´t sound familiar, it´s probably because I just made that sentence up.. One negative experience can be crucial. It will create confused feelings which can arise in negative reactions. At one point in my life, my circle was spinning ahead. My feelings were all over the place and my reactions were going from bad to worse. My advice: allow your loved ones to pull you back. Take a time-out and get on track. Feelings are something amazing, meant to be pleasant. Even more, meant to function as a positive result of a good over thought and well intended decision. And which will at his time result in positive reactions. So what does today look like.. My today is a result of decisions that I took by spirit, not by soul. My yesterday could have determined that in future I would be a forever victim. But in the sight of a lot of people, I took decisions that looked CRAZY, because I took them with my eye on tomorrow. 

Thank God I did.. because today I feel blown away by the riches of saving eternal coins
love and much more..

And still every day is a choice.
Let´s make sure we´ll get blown away in the future as a result of ..


Lena said...

Kloka ord det där !

Mirjam said...

Amazing picture!

Stina said...

Härligt inlägg!
Du är så duktig på att fotografera också.:-) Kram Stina

Charla Anne said...

I love that photo!

Essay_writer said...



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