Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A few of my Favorite things

 I know, I know.. It´s been way to long since my last entry!! I have not been photographing so much lately, and believe me when I say.. I MISS IT LIKE CRAZY! but, I am learning a great deal at my internship and now I am enjoying my one week vacation!
I thought of doing something different for a change. I was shooting some items in my house and thought.. hey why not share this on my blog :) I am in love with cute and handy stuff which appear fresh and funky! Under every photo I will write where it bought it, with the website including if possible.

Tell me if you like this idea, so I can continue, or not :)

bye and big hug, for so long!
Heart: Big Bazar
Candle holder: Indiska
Notepad: Papeterie
Magnet photo bord: Ikea
Book standard: Hem och Hobby

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