Saturday, December 25, 2010

Very merry Christmas

So now it is Christmas and the waiting is over.. I hope Christmas will meet your expectations. And if not (which will be more logic), don´t be hard on your self. Sure, Christmas is about giving well-over-thought gifts, decorating the house beautiful, eating fantastic food! Happy feelings and satisfied smiles. But in some cases Christmas can totally crash your expectations. When the decoration is just not glamourous enough or a person didn´t react the way you wanted when they opened your present. Old habits of family-members start to come up, during what was supposed to be a lovely dinner! 
You know, nobody is perfect. People will never be the way you want them to be.You can not fix everything, so not even you are perfect! There was one man, over 2000 years ago.. He came to this earth and was above all of our expectations. He was and still is perfect. That is what I celebrate today. Because He is the hope that I´ve been waiting for.

My dear b-f(a.k.a. blogging friends),
I wish you a very merry Christmas,
that your expectations will be met now or in the future!

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