Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Unexpected Snow

There are a lot of opinions about this early snow. Of course I know it can be kind of hard when you want to get to your work and your stuck because when you look out your window your whole world is white. But I love that nature is surprising me once again! This feeling inside of me that tells me I kind of missed snow! Even though we had it this year still in April.

I had been away for 1,5 week to the country I come from. Home Sweet Holland. When I came there, there were still a lot of leafs on the tree! I even thought that it was kind of warm. I loved taking a deep breath in the country where I have lived for 18 years of my life! Eating the good things I always ate, to see shops where I always shopped, and of course to see the people I left behind! But.. somewhere, well actually a really big part of me, missed Sweden so much. Sweden has changed me. I have become more content, more peaceful. Here, I don´t need the best food, the best shops, the best restaurants. All I need, is freedom. I think it really has made me a better person. So.. when I came HOME on monday evening there was no snow yet. But when I looked out of my window tuesday morning, Sweden was white! And today it is even whiter! Love love..!

1 comment:

Stina said...

Vilken härlig beskrivning. Så fina bilder också. En stor kram till dig. Stina


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