Thursday, September 23, 2010

while uncertain of everything..

I can perform my destinies with expectation yet uncertainty of everything.

This phrase keeps coming back to me. And I´m glad it does.
Right now, in this moment in my life, there are tons of things that don´t make sense to me.
Why I keep attending some things while it doesn´t bare fruits or why some obstacles keep coming back..
Nothing is granted right now, on any level outside my own choices in life.
It is yet the hope and expectation of a future that produces the effort i put in the things i am supposed to perform..
while uncertain of everything.

Wow, maybe it sounds like blahblah to you.
But it gives me peace of mind..

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Alicia van Loenhout said...

Everything takes time, and I believe in the lessons - it's why the same obstacles keep returning. I actually do know the feeling, it's a phase and I believe you grow as a person, your soul, because of it. So therefore I tend to do everything in life with passion, follow my inner feelings and intuitions, and do not hesitate by doing or saying something I doubt, cuz learning is failing and to get into new surroundings and doing things you thought were out of reach, to challenge yourself that way, makes you colourful and gives so much inspiration to grow even more. In work, your personal life, the whole package. And I think That is beautiful. Hope is important, so I'm glad you believe in it.




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