Monday, August 23, 2010

Unknown Miracle

A Unknown Miracle. A Beautiful Surprise!
What a privilege to take photos of a woman waiting for her child.
What an unsuspected pleasure to be a part of a journey.

Once again this was a new experience and I loved every second of it! Hoping to have more of
these assignments in the future!

I am sure Jaap and Nadine that this new member of the family will be as beautiful as the other three!


Bonnie´s vita rum said...

Är här inne o läser o tittar ganska ofta.
Men har aldrig skrivit.
Måste säga att du är otroligt duktig!

Alltid så mysiga och fina bilder!
Kram Bonnie
(Mirandas vän)

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful work! I love all the white in these shots.


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