Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Sometimes silence is my only comfort. Speaking grows tiresome when nothing is learned from it and there is no knowledge in the words. The power of music is beyond common understanding. It lies as a converter and controller of our thoughts, and to be able to express buried emotion through the notes of music is a precious gift. However, there is a time when music could never be sweet enough, or strong enough, or triumphal enough to nearly justify the emotion that is within. My heart is a complicated place full of joy and energy and praise, but then full of misery and sorrow and much grief.
Silence is the one strand of simplicity the Lord of Israel wove into this chaotic world.
Everyone can find it, and sometimes it lies as the only remedy for a soul broken in torment.

Lygon Stevens( Journal, July 7, 2005)

It is a very quiet and rare evening, in this yellow wooden house up on the hill. I can´t remember the last time I was alone! I love spending my time to my close ones. In fact I hate the feeling of loneliness! But every now and then ,after an intensive time without any minute of silence I notice.. I need a different kind of energyshot. I need to regain, be humble, be healed and be still.. I dedicate this entry to my Lord, because without Him I would not have the love, the courage or the wisdom to be who I am today. Thank You for being my Rock and my Salvation.

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