Saturday, June 19, 2010

Time goes by

We woke up on a early morning for a walk down to the beach. The sun seemed as happy as I was to be up so early and bright! I watched my son being so energetic and fresh, enjoying this early activity. It made me think..
what a privilege it is to have time.. To choose what to do, when, where and how. And as I choose that day to wake up early and enjoy being alive, I wish that I will choose to fill in my time wisely. To get everything out of every minute and to enjoy every movement around me.
As sand slipping through your hands, time goes by. So make up your mind..


Anonymous said...

mooi en zo waar!

x madelein

Lisa (Tout PetitPixel) said...

Wow!!! That picture on the left is just gorgeous! Love the light on the sand, and the angle is perfect!


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