Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ballet girls

A big upload of photos this time. Could not decide which one to leave out! It was such a happy afternoon. Me and my sister took her 3year old and our other sister´s 5year old outside. They were so excited because their aunty was gonna do a ballet shoot! So they got to dance around in their ballet outfits. Unfortunately their shoes didn´t survive(as you can see on the last photos).

It wasn´t just a shoot. It had a special purpose. But I will keep that for myself for right now :)
Down here you see my favorite shot of the day!>


Stines Hjem - Livet på landet said...

Kjempefine bilder!!!
Utolig fin stemning og flott natur :)

Klem fra Stine

Kristin Rachelle said...

Beautiful! I'm stopping by from your comment. :) Thank you for the kind words. I use a Canon 5dmii and a variety of lenses. I use mostly natural light but I will use studio from time to time. You look like you are doing great, just keep up the hard work and keep practicing. You have some beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

And this is MY daughter(the little one)...WOW I am sooooooooo proud to be her mum! Thanks Anne for making such a beautiful fotosession of Signe and Evi.. It was so much fun doing it. Let's forget the bugs and bushes......:-)

Anonymous said...

This is a stunning compilation. The yellow flowers on the background give a summer-dance atmosphere. I love it! Goed gedaan, Anne!

-- Francisca T.


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