Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spending the afternoon in Hjo/Update

Last friday when the sun was shining, but the wind was still creeping in our jackets, we decided to spend an afternoon in Hjo. A little cute village up to the north of lake Vättern. It did me good, after spending the whole day behind my macbook! Seeing my little boy loving spending time with his loved ones.

I have been working on my own website for some time now. I must admit that is is not my strongest point as an graphic designer, but I am progressing.. Since that will become my official website, this at the other hand will transform to a little more personal blog. I´ll be letting you know when it´s time to launch the new website.

All my love,

1 comment:

Lena said...

Vilka härliga bilder, de säger verkligen något ! Det finns ett budskap i varje bild, det gillar jag !


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