Sunday, March 14, 2010

Noah, Boas and Evi

Spring is in the air! And i noticed it very much this week. Even though I can still see the snow, the air feels and looks different. The light is amazing and great for taking photos. It makes me happy just to know that it is only getting better! There are months ahead with long walks outside, flowers popping up, childrens voices outside and ofcourse getting rid of those hot clothes! But.. let´s not yet get to over-excited.. There are still some days left in the cold. To be honoust, the happy faces on the photo didn´t exactly come without effort. Their mommy wanted to have a photo that she could use to print on canvas. A photo on canvas is supposed to hang in their living room all year, so it should not be winter photo. Assignment for the kids: act as if it is really warm! It was really cold! And the only place without snow was on the balcony. So.. props for the kids!

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