Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Card

For an assignment at school we had to make a christmas card like in the old days.. I never draw and one evening I just took the time to sit and focus. And it suprised me that I wasn´t as bad as I thought! The boy reminds me so much of Manasse, so maybe that was the extra sparkle that made me give everything to do this. Well.. to make a long story short.
I wanted to share the new me and wish you a digital Merry Little Christmas!


MirjamdeJong said...

woahhh you're good! keep up the good work!
I love all the things you put on your blog. It all reminds me so much of my Norway time!
GOD JUL! haha love it :-)

Anonymous said...

coool! ik dacht serieus eerst dat het een plaatje van internet was;)haha..
mooi hoor!


Anonymous said...


Mooi joh! Je moet niet twijfelen aan jezelf je kunt het wel!



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