Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lingon Forrest

Finding the peace in the green forrest on a Sunday afternoon. After a busy week it is always good to take it easy, even if it's just for a while.. It was time to say goodbye to the warm summer days... with Autumn just around the corner. We missed you too! Till our surprise there were even more blueberries then before and there were tons of lingonberries! And if you were looking real good, you could even find some Yummie cantarels. Isn't nature just Awesome?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful An! It do remember me of old times:)!
Liefs, Jeek

Terése Karlsson said...

Helt underbara bilder, HELT! jag är imponerad.

Sofie said...

Ooohhh! Look how cute they are! I truly LOVE these pictures, great job!!!

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