Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Starting Of..

Dear.. well no one right now probrally, but in the future hopefully some more :)

I just wanted to begin this new fase of my life with a new blog!
Writing things down brings comfort to the mind so, that's what I'll do.
Also I want to share my life's view through the eye of my camera. My first DigitalCamera.
AAAAAANNDDD ofcourse I would love to make connection with other passionate people and my beloved friends and family are always welcome to comment!

That's it for right now..



Anonymous said...

hey Anne,

this looks cool!! :) keep posting!
keep me amused with your beautiful photos & arts.. :)

Francisca Todikromo

Eric said...

Ilove your blog! I can see you have a great tallent! keep on the great work!

your greatest fan!

George said...

It's a pleasure to watch your pictures, they really are great!




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